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Gala Apples



Harvested in February & March, and are available all year round.

Current Facts:
New strains of Gala apples are continually being produced and there are at least thirty or more varieties. Generally it takes five to six years to propagate a new strain.

Yellow-gold with attractive colourful highlights, Gala apple's pinkish-to-reddish-orange stripes are the usual identifying characteristics of this aromatic fruit that offers a juicy crunch and
a sweet tangy flavour. Some Gala strains may be nearly solid red. This apple is considered to be one of the sweetest of all.

A superb dessert apple and excellent for fresh eating and cooking, make pies, sauces, cakes, quick breads, cookies and muffins.

This attractive apple dresses up a fruit bowl centrepiece. Chilled slices make a perfect edible garnish. Sliced or cut apples stay white longer if put in a bowl of water containing two tablespoons of lemon juice. To store, keep apples as cold as possible in the refrigerator. This apple stores well.

Ethnic & Cultural Information about Gala Apples:

The New Zealand cuisine favours this apple in many of their cultural dishes. Researchers at Yale University claim that the scent of apples has a relaxing effect. Tests conducted showed a significant calming response when sniffing an apple spice fragrance. We are now growing dwarf apple trees like those that have become popular in Europe for ease in picking the fruit. The standard apple tree grows more than thirty feet high and picking the apples has always been a problem, requiring ladders or long poles, and shaking the branches. All of these picking techniques easily caused damaged fruit. Even though the shorter trees are less than ten feet high, they produce standard-sized apples. Not only does it make picking easy, but many more trees can be planted on one acre, and the trees mature in three years instead of six


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